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big filesize

I think you could have lowered the bitrate of the music a bit more because you had a low framerate and could have easily got it under 2 meg without it sounding too crappy.

Nice animation though and pretty funny too.


Really amazing tutorial with just one, small problem...spelling errors...sorry but they get on my nerves quite a bit but ill let it slide this time because the tutorial was SO amazing.

Great job

Positively Infuriating

Loved it!

Excellent stuff

I loved it all except for one thing: when i was making the cucumber it got a bit confusing about 2/3 thru. also the cucumber looks more like a corn cob while it still has leaves on it.

carmelhadinosaur responds:

Haha, sorry about the cucumber (in the place I took it from it was called cucumber), but I made sure everything was ok for me, so perhapse try again? :)

me 2

ive got the same problem as pietri22...any ideas why?

pretty good

yeah it wasn't bad but i noticed a couple of things:

1.like most ppl say...u don't move with the platforms
2.when u die u dont lose your coins
3.on level 19 when i died i didn't lose any lives
4.u didn't kill the koopas when u jump on them... like every other retro flash game remake ive ever played

otherwise a good game...at least sort out the koopa killing thing pleez!

good job


Hey man, I've been waitin for this game for AGES and it lived up to my expectations. But I was disappointed at how boring it got after i had become CEO, bought my castle, bought all the uprgrades for it, made hundreds of thousands on the stock market and raised all my stats above 500 and the worst thing is that it only took me 3 straight hours!
I've been to all the other cities and not established any contacts...am I doing something not quite right? (I'm never wrong, you see).

Please reply to this if there is anything I missed!

Right, now on to the review: I thought the graphics were...basic but very smooth, none of that jerky crap some other games have. I've given the sound a 0 because my speakers aren't working right now...sorry. I loved the way you can earn new faster ways of transport and the fact that your car becomes a sports car when you buy the castle - very classy. I see you still haven't sorted that bug with the bar fights yet. Not to worry though, they're not really that necessary once you've moved appartment.

Overall the game was fantastic: 98%... the missing two percent is due to the bug and the monotony after completion.

Please answer my questions!


I couldn't believe how good this game was. It was totally original and the control setup was unlike any other I've seen. One thing I do have against it is that it was REALLY easy. Otherwise fantastic though.

Great job!

whoa! wait a minute!

C'mon ShadowReeper, don't just give every game you can't win a 0, I thought this game was pretty damn addictive.


it wasnt great but maybe thats because im not a huge fan of this kind of game but anyway it was well drawn and pretty addictive but the main thing i have against it is that the character moves pretty slowly...but, seeing as ur makin a version 2, i trust you to make ur own decisions, speed related or not *wink wink*

good job overall but i gotta ax you a question: is that the music from sonic 3's last level? (on the megadrive) i just had to ask cause its really bugging me :)

Devy rocks... hope some day I'll kick half as much ass as he does.

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